Within 24 hours after placing the order, you also can make more changes for the design. 

Some changes we can help you to do:

1. Changing name and stype of camper, car, travel trailer,...

2. Adding names, dogs, cats, hamsters,...

3. Changing color or style of clothes, pets,

4. Changing hairstyles, sizes of people

5. Changing backgrounds, quotes in other languages,...

But if after placing the order, you would like to have some changes you can email us at support@fitwearpro.com your order number and your requests. (It's better if you can provide us the picture of what you would like to change to). We will help you to make these changes and send you a preview for checking before pushing it into production.

However, it will have an extra cost for the changes if your requirements are a little bit complex and take much time to do.

We have created a variety of designs for dogs, cats and more than 300 campers, trailers, motorhomes, etc.

Here are what we have:


Afghan Hound/ Airedale Terrier/ Akita/ Alaska Malamute/ American Foxhound/ Australian Cattle/ Australian Kelpie/ Australian Shepherd

Basenji/ Basset Hound/ Beagle/ Bearded Collie/ Border Collie/Belgian Maninois/ Belgian Tervuren/ Bernese Mountain/Bichon/ Bloodhound/ Bouvier des Flandres/Boxer/ Boston Terrier/ Bull Terrier/ Brittany

Cairn Terrier/ Cane Corso/ Catahoula/ Cavachon/ Cavalier/ Cesky Fousek/ Chesapeake Bay Retrievers/Chihuahua/ Chinese Crested/ Chinese Naked Crested/ Chinese Shar-Pei/Chow Terrier/ Chowchow/Cockapoo/Cocker Spaniel/Coonhound/ Corgi/ Cotonese

Dachshund/ Dalmatian/ Doberman/English Bulldog/ English Mastiff/ English Pointer/ English Springer Spaniel/Field Spaniel/ Fox Terrier/ French Bulldog

German Mastiff/ German Shepherd/ German Shorthaired Pointer/Golden Lap/ Golden Retriever/ Goldendoodle/ Great Dane/Great Pyrenees/ Greyhound

Havanese/ Heeler/ Hound Shepherd/ Husky/Irish Setter/ Irish Wolfhound/ Italian Greyhound

Jack Russel Spots/ Jack Russel Terrier/ japanese chin/Keeshond/Labradoodle/ Labrador Retriever/ Lhasa Apso/ Lhatese

Maltese/ Manchester Terrier/ Morkie/ Mudi/Neapolitan Mastiff/ Newfoundland/Old English Sheepdog

Papillion/ Parson Russel Terrier/ Pekingese/ Pinscher/ Pitpull/ Pomeranian/ Poodle/ Pug/ Puggle/Rat Terrier/ Rhodesain Ridgeback/ Rottweiler/ Rough Collie

Samoyed/ Schnauzer/ Scottish Terrier/ Shetland sheepdog/ Spinone Italiano/ Sprocker/Shiba Inu/ Shih Tzu/ Shih-poo/ Sled dog (Chien de attelage)/Smooth Collie/ Snorkie/Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier/ St Bernard/ Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tibetan/ Toy Poodle/Vizsla/Weimaraner/ Westie/ Whippet/ Wirehaired Pointing Griffon/Yorkshire Terrier


Abyssinian/ American Bobtail/ American Curl/ American Shorthair/ American Wirehair/Balinese/ Bengal/ Birman/ Bombay/ British Longhair/ British Shorthair/ Burmese/Calico/ Chantilly/ Chartruex/ Chinese Li Hua/ Cornish Rex/Domestic/Exotic/Himalayan/Maine Coon/ ManxNebelung/ Norwgian Forest/Ocicat/ Oriental Shorthair/Persian/Ragamuffin/ Ragdoll/ Russian Blue/Siamese/ Sphynx/Tonkinese/ Tuxedo


Bus Campers/Camper Vans/Fifth Wheel Campers/Motorhomes
Pop-up Campers/Rooftop Campers/Teardrop Trailers/Travel Trailers/Truck Campers